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Release Date : 1 dec 2015
Developer Avalanche studios

Released in December 2015, Just Cause 3 is probably the best game in the Just Cause series so far. Developed by Avalanche studios and published by Square Enix, the third installment in the Just Cause franchise typically focuses on a huge open world environment with over 400 square miles of complete freedom from sky to seabed. Like the previous games in the series it totally does justice to the chaos and mayhem aspect associated with the  series as players get to wreck havoc and chaos in the most creative and unimaginable ways, especially with the signature 'grappling hook' and a huge range of weaponry. It is available on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC. Winner of 10 E3 awards this game is surely a good pick for action loving gamers.




Just Cause 3 is set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Medici, which is also the hometown of our hero, the protagonist Rico Rodriguez; armed with his signature grappling hook and a huge range of weapons, he looks cool as ever.
So while Rico was away doing his missions for 'The Agency' , the small republic has come under the tyrannical and despotic rule of a dictator called General DiRavello.
Rico must return home and liberate his fellow citizens by dismantling DiRavello's regime step by step and restoring democracy using ANY means necessary.




The gameplay mainly involves Rico aka 'Fratre' to lead the Rebellion along with his friend Mario Frigo, travelling across the Mediterranean archipelago...blowing up military outposts,
bases, silos and liberating towns. Causing this chaos and havoc will help the citizens regain control over their land. As you go on liberating towns, new challenges such as vehicle races, machine gun score contests and jumpsuit dives become available. Completion of these challenges earn you gear mods which you can use to upgrade/charge the function of certain items like nitrous for vehicles, increased health etc.
For the transportation the player gets a lot of options to choose from, ranging from fighter jets like the U-7 Dravec, and Ships to Cars and Tanks like the Imperator Bavarium Tank. The new wingsuit combined with the parachute is another, slower method of traversing around the vast map.
My favourite mode to get around is through the helicopter 'Urga Hrom D' . It is easy to maneuver, flies smoothly, highly durable and is loaded with rockets and mini guns.
BUT, there are certain other issues as well. The version of the game released for the consoles has lag and a few bugs. When the intense action and battles are underway i.e. when the chaos and destruction starts the frame rate drops below 30fps. This causes a glitch to appear and the protagonist may end up dying while performing various stunts or maneuvers. When Rico dies or cinematic scenes end the gamer is subjected to loading times of 90+ seconds.


For instance, there was this mission where I was stealing the Bavarium Tank, so I dodged enemy fire and  got into the tank and started driving it, but I hit one of the walls of the tank went half way through it and I tried my best to move it out but couldn't and ended up being blown to pieces.


Also the story missions are very repetitive as we do the same things like escorting vehicles carrying supplies or another character, liberating bases which leads to the person playing getting bored.
If one doesn't feel like playing the main story line, they can go to the sandbox mode and practice and improve their skills.




The game does justice to the action and destruction part associated with the Just Cause series.
Using the huge arsenal of weaponry, gadgets and vehicles you set Medici on fire wherever you go. There is no stealth in this game .... just go and wreak havoc.
The game, a third-person shooter, has more of  mid to long range combat. We have missions which involve combat in the air and water as well. Rico has his grappling hook and carries a light and a heavy weapon along with grenades.
The grappling hook can be used to move faster, latch onto vehicles or edges of buildings or even grabbing an enemy. It also serves as our weapon for melee attacks.


The light weapons usually include Assault rifles like CS27 Misfortune, CS predator, U-39 Plechovka (main assault rifle); Submachine guns like CS Wraith 225R and a vast range of shotguns, pistols and revolvers.
The heavy weapons include Machine guns like Urga Vdova 89 and the Urga vulkan minigun (recent update)
You can also choose from Rocket and grenade launchers of varying destruction levels.
The basic one being UVK-13 which is like a normal RPG
The more powerful ones include Capstone Hydra (5 shots in one go!) and the special edition exclusive Capstone Bloodhound.


If you ever run out of ammo or want a specific weapon or vehicle.... you can use the awesome in-game feature of "Air-Drop". Select whatever you need, throw the beacon and the rebels will air drop it for you.

Large Map with great freedom and no invisible in-game walls
Lag, slight glitches and performance bugs
Huge arsenal of weapons, gadgets and vehicles to choose from
Repetitive Missions
Epic Action! The chaos and destruction part is impressive
Long Loading intervals
*SPOILER ALERT* The showdown with General DiRavello happens inside a volcano with us on the solidified magma and he's on a Bavarium shielded helicopter!!


RATING: 6.8/10


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